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Kids Martial Arts Boulder

The instruction at this school couldn't be better.  Drew has helped me immensely both inside and outside of the gym.  Professional atmosphere whether you're training to compete or just looking for some self-defense.  5 stars, A ++++++ !

Adam M.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

The training is on point and the personal treatment is awesome. you can tell the room is full of skilled practitioners and good people upon walking in. thank you so much for the hospitality and making boulder start to feel like home!

Keilani G.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

I had a great experience training at 10th Planet Boulder.  Drew and Fabiana are great coaches, the facility is very clean, and there's a ton of talent in the room.  If you want to try out No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, improve your existing skills, or get to the next level as a competitor, this is the place to be.

Craig S.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

As a professional MMA fighter I have had the opportunity to train at the top gyms in the sport. I've been everywhere from Jackson's MMA in New Mexico to Legends Gym in Hollywood. That being said, Drew Ash is one of the best coaches I have ever had the privilege to train under. He takes the time to really break down the technique and works well with students of all ability levels. The students here range from first timers to seasoned professionals and Drew treats them all equally giving individual instruction to everyone. If you are looking to learn the 10th Planet System of No-Gi Grappling this is THE PLACE to go.

Conor H.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

Had the privilege to learn from Drew ash and I'm so happy to get the opportunity he's a super technical athlete that in turn is creating athletes not only competing at the pro level but students that can turn and teach some of the most technical classes I have ever taken. Thank you drew for your time and allowing us to learn your style via Nic birgel.

Mercedes W.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

10th Planet Boulder offers a relaxed and close knit environment, along with high-level instruction. I have learned from many different jiu-jitsu instructors between the US and Brazil, but it does not compare to the level of instruction offered at 10th Planet Boulder. Not only are the adult and kids jiu-jitsu programs amazing but the wrestling program is taught by an outstanding instructor as well. The competition team is incredible at what they do! What I love most though is that everyone is welcome here, no matter what your goals are. Try a free class, you won't regret it!

Fabiana J.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

Super cool people and very welcoming environment. If I'm every out that way again I'll make sure to stop by for another visit.

Courtlandt T.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

I visited LA last summer and dropped into one of Eddie's classes.  My buddy Conner Huen was there and I had a blast.  It's a must stop for out of towner!!

Scot D.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

Been training with Drew for 3yrs and couldn't ask for a better coach.  The atmosphere is always welcoming and everyone just wants to make each other better. Overall a great gym with great people and a great coach. If you want to learn jiu-jitsu this is the place to be. 

Robert P.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

You won't find a more pragmatic, passionate, and skillful teacher than Drew. The school is a great cooperative environment that is optimal for learning not only the necessary skills for Jiu-Jitsu, but also how to apply them appropriately in real life situations.

Patrick D.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

Head instructor Drew and the 10th Planet Boulder family were great to train with.  I cold called asking to train  while working in Denver for the week and despite the drive from Denver to Boulder it was 100% worth it.  Drew let me participate in the free one week trial even though I was from out of town and was unable to sign up at the time. If only I lived here I would sign up immediately because 10th Planet is on the cutting edge of jiu-jitsu and this school has an excellent instructor.

Drew provides a very thorough and detailed explanation for the technique of the day.  He goes over every detail of the move and gives you sufficient time to practice it.  Drew also gives individual attention to each student to insure they are performing the technique correctly - if you are missing a detail he can immediately point it out and correct it.  

Overall Drew and the 10th Planet team will leave a lasting impact on MMA and sport jiu-jitsu.  The same way BJJ changed the face of mixed martial arts back at UFC 1 is the same way that 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu will become the gold standard for grappling across the World heading into the future.  

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is today."  

Apply the same logic to your training and you will be rewarded for it.  The sooner you get to a 10th Planet School the sooner you are learning modern, practical, and effective no-gi jiu-jitsu.  10th Planet Boulder is one of the best and you will not be disappointed.  Take advantage of the one week trial and you will never turn back.  

Matthew D.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

Drew is such a great coach. He is structured but playful and my kids love it. No other sport have they been this excited. I highly recommend giving this a shot. My kids are learning, being active and having a great time. Thanks, coach Drew.

Del J.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

I've been training at 10th Planet Boulder for over a year now... I can't say enough about Drew Ash!!! The guy eats, sleeps and breathes Jiu-Jitsu!!! I couldn't be happier with the instruction and the all-around atmosphere.

Matthew L.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

The people here really know what they're doing. Step by step instructions that lead you down a road towards success. No other gym in town is worth going to if you're serious about jiu-jitsu.

Joshua L.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

If you're looking for no-gi BJJ in Boulder, this is the gym for you. A relatively small core group of students since the gym is still new, which gives it a nice close-knit kind of feel once you've been there a while.

Stop reading the internet and swing by. Everyone is nice and welcoming.

Michael A.

Kids Martial Arts Boulder

Can't say enough good things about this place, the coaches, the owners and the community.

Colin B.

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